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hotel vendôme aix en provence

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hotel vendôme aix en provence

Near the Hotel Vendome in Aix-en-Provence : The fountains in Aix-en-Provence

The fountains in Aix-en-Provence

The fountains in Aix-en-Provence

The oldest one is the fountain Espeluque (Espeluco, Which means grotto in Provençal) .For a long time the only source of water in St Sauveur borough (15th century), it has been relocated many times before being finally placed on the new “place de l’Archevéché” in 1756 by Georges Vallon. It is decorated with a medallion honouring the memory of Marcel Provence since 1953

The fountain of the 4 dolphins

Situated in the heart of the Mazarin borough, the fountain dates back to 1667. Sculpted by Jean Claude Rambot , it is flowing in a circular stone basin made out of Sainte Baume stone. With its 4 dolphins and their fins upright on a bed of waves which support the obelisk, it is a testimony to the baroque art style the nobility of Aix was fond of.

The City Hall Fountain

Decorated by Chastel, who notably sculpted the mascarons spitting out the water from the Pinchinats water spring, the fountain (1756) supports a Roman column.

The fountain of Albertas

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the square was used as a showcase for a fountain. In 1912, cracks on the tender part of the stone made its replacement necessary. It was replicated, but with a basin made out of cast iron by the schools of arts and professions of Aix.

The fountains of Le Cours Mirabeau

Built in 1691 by Laurent Vallon, the fountain of the Nine Cannons replaced a fountain/ drinking trough where the migrating herds came to quench their thirst before the creation of the Cours. The vegetation that invades it little by little makes it hard to recognize the sculptures. A little bit farther, the Hot water fountain, also called mossy because of the thick moss that covers it, is the one from which flows the hot water from the Bagniers spring. At the top of Cours Mirabeau sits the fountain of King René, designed in 1819 by Pierre Henri Revoil. The statue that decorates it is a work from David d’Angers.

But the most imposing is without any doubt the one from La Rotonde. Its edification in 1860 marked a turning point: not only its dimensions were exceptional for the city but it also was the first to have a basin made out of cast iron. Three statues (Justice, Agriculture and fine arts) decorate the fountain and are a reminder of the main activities of the city. As a matter of fact, the fountain then marked the entrance to the modern city, without ramparts or gates, opened to the world. Aix grew up. Today, the “great fountain” is at the heart of the city.

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