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hotel vendôme aix en provence

Plan d'accès à l'hôtel Vendôme
hotel vendôme aix en provence

Near the Hotel Vendome in Aix-en-Provence : Le Pavillon Vendôme

Le Pavillon Vendôme

Le Pavillon Vendôme

Vendôme Hotel takes its name from its proximity with the famous Pavilion of Vendôme and its pleasant gardens.

The pavilion of Vendôme was built under the orders of Louis De Merceur, Duke of Vendôme, the grandson of Henri the 4th and Gabrielle D’Estrée, Governor of Provence in 1652. It is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive works of this era, one of the “follies” that was the legacy of the great century.

The story goes that the Prince, who became a widower, ordered this “folly” to be built to hide his love affairs, because yes, he had fallen in love with Lucrece de Forbin Sollies, also known as the beauty of Canet.

After the death of the duke in 1669, President De la Molle became the new owner and he finished the decoration of the interior. In the middle of the 18th century, Jean-Baptiste Van Loo established his workshop there, on the 2nd floor. In the 19th century, the folly became a boarding school for young girls, the ladies of the sacred heart of Jesus.

It was purchased in 1906 by an enlightened connoisseur, Henri Dobler, who restored and refurnished it. He bequeathed the building and his collections to the city of Aix-en-Provence when he died to make it a museum evocating the setting of the aixois hotels of the great century.

An Architectural Jewel

Built in 1655, the building had only one floor and a frieze supported a roof “à la mansarde” covered with slate. There was a direct access to the inside of the pavilion by coach through openings that led to the ground floor. So you could get through the building sheltered from the weather and the gaze of curious people.

The pavilion was raised with an extra floor later at the beginning of the 18th century, it was covered with traditional Provencal roofing made with Roman curved tiles, and the openings of the ground floor were closed.

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hotel vendôme aix en provence
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